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Special Astrophysics Seminar

Characterizing the Diversity of Atmospheres: A Data Driven Perspective
Presented by Michael R. Line
University of California, Santa Cruz

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
12:00 noon in 169-336

Atmospheres are the most readily observable aspect of an exoplanet; it is critical to understand the physics and chemistry operating in planetary atmospheres if we are to understand exoplanets as a whole. I will give an overview on what we can learn about exoplanet atmospheres from observing them in transit with a focus on how such observations can provide insight into their thermal structure, chemistry, and their formation environments. Furthermore, I will discuss how brown dwarfs can be used as exoplanet analogues in order to gain a better understanding of atmospheric processes. Finally, I will discuss future prospects for characterizing exoplanet atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope and smaller space based surveyor missions.

JPL Contact: Gautam Vasisht (4-6979)

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