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2015 Astrophysics Colloquia and Seminars

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Date   Series   Speaker   Title
Fri   Dec 18   Special Astrophysics Seminar   Samantha Scibelli
(Stony Brook Univ.)
  Using HST/STIS data to Model High-Velocity Bullets from a Dying Star
Thu   Dec 17   Astrophysics Colloquium   Gus Evrard
(Univ. Michigan)
  Empowering Cluster Cosmology: Models, Simulations and Reality
Thu   Dec 10   Astrophysics Colloquium   Justin Crepp
(Notre Dame Univ.)
  Planet-Finding Spectrometers should Use Adaptive Optics
Thu   Dec 3   Astrophysics Colloquium   Lou Strolger
  High Redshift Supernovae: Beyond the Epoch of Dark Energy
Thu   Nov 19   Astrophysics Colloquium   Joseph Silk
  The Limits of Cosmology
Mon   Nov 9   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Phillip Bull
  Dark Energy: The Necessity of a Multi-tracer Strategy
Thu   Nov 5   Astrophysics Colloquium   Mark Reid
  Mapping the Milky Way: the BeSSeL Survey
Tue   Nov 3   Star Formation Lunch Talk   Seyma Mercimek
  Star Forming Potential of the Perseus Star Forming Complex
Mon   Nov 2   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Shantanu Basu
(Western Univ., Ontario)
  The Migrating Embryo Model of Protostellar Disk Evolution and Planet Formation
Thu   Oct 29   Astrophysics Colloquium   Jens Chluba
(Univ. Cambridge)
  Science with CMB Spectral Distortions: A New Window to Early-Universe and Particle Physics
Mon   Oct 26   Special Astrophysics Seminar   Hamsa Padmanabhan
(IUCAA, Pune)
  Evolution of Baryons in the High-redshift Universe
Mon   Oct 26   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Maria Kapala
(Univ. Cape Town / MPIA)
  The Energy Balance of the ISM in M31. [CII] Emission as a SFR Tracer
Mon   Oct 19   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Daniel Lenz
(Univ. Bonn)
  Dust and Gas from a Full-sky Perspective
Thu   Oct 15   Astrophysics Colloquium   Yossi Shvartzvald
  How Common are Snowline-region Planets? Results from a Second Generation Microlensing Survey
Mon   Oct 12   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Shadab Alam
  Testing Gravity using Galaxy Redshift Surveys and CMB
Thu   Oct 8   Astrophysics Colloquium   Eric Mamajek
(Univ. Rochester)
  A Transiting Extrasolar Ring System: Indirect Evidence for Exosatellite Formation?
Thu   Oct 1   Astrophysics Colloquium   Daniel Angerhausen
  Sniffing Alien Atmospheres: Exoplanet Spectrophotometry (from ground-, airborne- and space-based observatories)
Mon   Sep 28   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Vikram Ravi
  Gravitational-wave Limit Forces Re-think of Supermassive Black Hole Evolution
Thu   Sep 24   Special Seminar   Joan T. Schmelz
(Arecibo Obs.)
  Unconscious Bias in Hiring, Promotions, and Tenure
Mon   Sep 21   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   William Langer
  Does the Far-IR Trace the Star Formation Rate in Distant AGNs?
Thu   Sep 10   Astrophysics Colloquium   Julianne Dalcanton
(Univ. Washington)
Marc Postman
David Schiminovich
(Columbia Univ.)
Jason Tumlinson
  The High Definition Space Telescope
Wed   Sep 2   Astrophysics Colloquium   Vasiliki Pavlidou
(Univ. Crete)
  Optical Polarization Variability in Blazars
Tue   Sep 1   Astrophysics Colloquium   Konstantinos Tassis
(Univ. Crete)
  Star Formation through the Chemical Lens
Mon   Aug 24   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Avi Shporer
  Science with Orbital Phase Curves in the Space Age
Thu   Aug 20   Astrophysics Colloquium   Mark Heyer
(UMass Amherst)
  MHD Turbulence within Molecular Clouds
Mon   Aug 17   Astrophysics Colloquium   Colin Cunningham
  The UK Instrumentation and Adaptive Optics Programme for the European Southern Observatory
Mon   Aug 3   Astrophysics Colloquium   Rebecca Oppenheimer
  Remote Reconnaissance of Exoplanetary Systems: Present and Future
Mon   Jul 27   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Jens Kauffmann
  Exploring Distant Star Formation with ALMA
Thu   Jul 9   Astrophysics Colloquium   Peter Melchior
(Ohio State)
  The Appeal and Chore of Wide-field Surveys
Mon   Jul 6   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Seyit Hocuk
  Gas-ice Chemical Interplay in Interstellar Clouds
Mon   Jun 29   Astrophysics Colloquium   Brandon Hensley
  Rethinking the Origin of the Anomalous Microwave Emission: A Case Against Spinning PAHs
Mon   Jun 22   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Hao-Yi Wu
  Cosmology from Gas and Stars of Galaxy Clusters: Results from Rhapsody-G Hydrodynamical Simulations
Mon   Jun 15   Astrophysics Colloquium   Satoshi Okuzumi
(Tokyo Tech)
  Excessive Water Delivery to Terrestrial Planets by Ice Pebbles in Protoplanetary Disks
Thu   Jun 11   Astrophysics Colloquium   Mike Zemcov
  Near-IR Background Fluctuation Results from the Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment
Mon   Jun 8   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Abigail Crites
  The TIME-Pilot CII Intensity Mapping Experiment to Study the Epoch of Reionization
Thu   Jun 4   Astrophysics Colloquium   David Brown
(Univ. Warwick)
  Finding Nearby Planets with PLATO
Thu   May 28   Astrophysics Colloquium   Niel Brandt
(Penn State)
  Exceptional X-ray Weak Quasars and Their Implications for Accretion Flows, Broad Line Regions, and Winds
Thu   May 21   Astrophysics Colloquium   Mark Cropper
  ESA's Gaia Mission (with an emphasis on spectroscopy)
Thu   May 14   Astrophysics Colloquium   Wladimir Lyra
  Planet Signatures in Transitional Disks
Tue   May 12   Special Astrophysics Seminar   Michael R. Line
  Characterizing the Diversity of Atmospheres: A Data Driven Perspective
Mon   May 11   Astrophysics Colloquium   Dimitri Mawet
  High Contrast Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanets: Results and Prospects with the VLT, Keck and Palomar
Thu   May 7   Astrophysics Colloquium   Scott Ransom
  But Wait! There's More!: A Wealth of Science from Millisecond Pulsars
Mon   May 4   Astrophysics Colloquium   David Hogg
  Exoplanet Search and Population Inferences with Data-driven Models
Mon   Apr 27   Astrophysics Colloquium   John Trauger
  Adventures in Space Astronomy: Correcting HST's Blurry Vision
Thu   Apr 23   Astrophysics Colloquium   Leslie Rogers
  Origins and Demographics of Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Sized Planets
Mon   Apr 20   Astrophysics Colloquium   Ralf Klessen
(Heidelberg Univ.)
  ISM Dynamics and Star Formation
Thu   Apr 16   Astrophysics Colloquium   Nina Hatch
(Univ. Nottingham)
  Galaxy Protoclusters
Mon   Apr 13   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Elizabeth Cooke
(Univ. Nottingham)
  How to Build a Cluster: The Formation of Massive Cluster Galaxies as Revealed by the Clusters Around Radio-Loud AGN (CARLA) Survey
Thu   Apr 9   Astrophysics Colloquium   Alan Heavens
  Standard Rulers, Candles and Clocks: Measuring the BAO Scale Model-independently
Mon   Apr 6   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Raman Sundrum
(Univ. Maryland)
  Cosmic Acceleration: Past, Present, Puzzles and Precision
Thu   Apr 2   Astrophysics Colloquium   Ted Bergin
(Univ. Michigan)
  Chemical Signatures of Planet Formation in Gas Rich Disks
Wed   Apr 1   Special Seminar   Edward Prather
(Univ. Arizona)
  The Astronomy Education Science Literacy Cocktail
Mon   Mar 30   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Lauranne Lanz
  Jet Feedback on the ISM of Radio Galaxies
Thu   Mar 26   Astrophysics Colloquium   David Bennett
(Notre Dame Univ.)
  All the Cool Planets are Found by Gravitational Microlensing
Mon   Mar 23   Astrophysics Colloquium   Noashi Murakami and Jun Nishikawa
(Hokkaido Univ., NAOJ)
  Recent Progress in Achromatic Photonic-Crystal Coronagraph Masks
Thu   Mar 19   Astrophysics Colloquium   Evan Kirby
  Light-ish Elements in Dwarf Galaxies: The Enigmas of Lithium, Carbon, Magnesium, and More
Mon   Mar 16   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   William Langer
  Ionized Gas and the Energetics of the Central Molecular Zone
Fri   Mar 13   Astrophysics Colloquium   Kevin France
(Univ. Colorado)
  Hubble's Ultraviolet View of Protoplanetary Disks and Exoplanetary Environments
Thu   Mar 12   Astrophysics Colloquium   Henk Hoekstra
(Univ. Leiden)
  Weak Lensing by Large-scale Structure as an Accurate Probe of Cosmology and Much More
Mon   Mar 9   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Charles Shapiro
  The Precision Projector Laboratory: Detector Characterization and Astronomical Emulation
Thu   Mar 5   Astrophysics Colloquium   Yun Wang
  Probing Cosmic Acceleration With Galaxy Clustering
Tue   Mar 3   Special Seminar   Serena Dalena
  Successful Letters in Physical Review Letters: An Editor's Perspective
Mon   Mar 2   Special Seminar   Jason Gallicchio
(Univ. Chicago)
  Using Quasars and CMB to Test Quantum Entanglement
Mon   Mar 2   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Hyunsung Jun
  Distant Quasars: Black Hole Mass Growth and Dust Emission
Thu   Feb 26   Astrophysics Colloquium   Lars Kristensen
  Shocks and Star Formation
Mon   Feb 23   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Paul Nunez
  Resolving Stars and their Environments with Optical Interferometry
Thu   Feb 19   Astrophysics Colloquium   Steven Desch
  Meteoritic and Planetary Constraints on Our Protoplanetary Disk
Wed   Feb 18   Astrophysics Colloquium   Sydney Chamberlin
(Univ. Wisconsin)
  Gravity and the Unseen Sky
Tue   Feb 17   Special Astrophysics Seminar   Roberto J. Assef
(UDP, Chile)
  The Nature of Hot Dust Obscured Galaxies
Thu   Feb 12   Astrophysics Colloquium   Joel Bregman
(Univ. Michigan)
  Missing Baryons in Galaxies
Mon   Feb 9   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Joe Zuntz
(Univ. Manchester)
  Cosmic Shear Measurement Challenges
Thu   Feb 5   Astrophysics Colloquium   Massimo Meneghetti
  The Frontier Fields Lens Modelling Comparison Project
Mon   Feb 2   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Jonathan Fraine
  Transmission Spectroscopy for Comparative Planetology
Thu   Jan 29   Astrophysics Colloquium   Stefano Borgani
(Univ. Trieste)
  Galaxy Clusters as Tracers of Cosmic Evolution: the Role of Simulations
Mon   Jan 26   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Chris Hayward
  Submillimeter Galaxies in the ALMA Era
Thu   Jan 22   Astrophysics Colloquium   Tod Lauer
  Black Hole Demographics
Thu   Jan 15   Astrophysics Colloquium   Eugene Chiang
(U.C. Berkeley)
  Close-in Planets: Warm Jupiters, Super-Earths, and Exo-Mercuries
Mon   Jan 12   Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar   Claudio Maccone
  The FOCAL Mission to the Sun Gravity Focus

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