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Science Visitor and Colloquium Program
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2017 Earth Science Seminars

See seminar abstract (click on title of talk) for location and time.

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Date   Speaker   Title

Tue   May 30   Z. Johnny Luo
  Satellite-based Estimates of Convective Mass Flux, Entrainment and Detrainment Rates, and Application to Convective Transport of Trace Gases

Tue   May 23   John Cook
  How to Communicate Sticky Science and Counter Misconceptions

Tue   May 16   Phil Thompson
  Recent Decadal Sea Level Variability in the Equatorial and North Indian Ocean

Fri   May 5   Federica Polverari
(ICM/CSIC, Barcelona)
  Theoretical Modeling of Dual-frequency Scatterometer Response: Improving Ocean Wind and Rainfall Effects
Thu   May 4   Fei He
Wed   May 3   Paul Loikith
(Portland State Univ.)
  Connecting Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns with Local Scale Temperature and Precipitation Extremes over the Northwestern United States in Observations and Climate Models using Self-Organizing Maps

Tue   Apr 25   Sofia Protopapadaki
  Upper Tropospheric Cloud Systems Derived from IR Sounders: Properties of Cirrus Anvils in the Tropics

Mon   Apr 17   Thomas Fiolleau
(CNRS/Univ. Toulouse)
  MCS in the Tropics from Geostationary Data Using the TOOCAN Algorithm: Status and On-going Developments

Tue   Mar 21   Ru Chen
(Scripps / UCSD)
  Effect of Atmospheric Forcing Resolution on Ocean Model Fidelity: Sea-surface-height Variability in the North Pacific

Wed   Mar 15   Xubin Zeng
(Univ. Arizona)
  Atmosphere-(Land, Ocean, Ice) Surface Interactions: Modeling and Dataset Development
Tue   Mar 14   Daniel Gilford
  Stratospheric Influences on the Seasonality of Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity

Wed   Mar 8   Fuqing Zhang
(Penn. State)
  Ensemble-based Convection-permitting Assimilation of Doppler Radar and All-sky Satellite Radiances

Wed   Mar 1   Margaret Johnson
(Iowa State Univ.)
  Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models for Estimation of Phenological Events from Remote Sensing Data

Mon   Feb 13   Steven J. Goodman
  Hear Ye Hear Ye: The New Era of Geostationary Satellite Observations for the Western Hemisphere is Here

Wed   Feb 8   Pierre Emmanuel-Kirstetter
(Univ. Oklahoma / NOAA)
  Evaluating the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission with NOAA/NSSL Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor: Current Status and Future Directions

Thu   Feb 2   Medard Obiang
(Omar Bongo Univ.)
  LAGRAC and Environmental Challenges of Gabon Today and Tomorrow

Mon   Jan 9   David Higdon
(Virginia Tech)
  Uncertainty Quantification: Combining Large Scale Computational Models with Physical Data for Inference

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