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Astrophysics Luncheon Seminar

Submillimeter Galaxies in the ALMA Era
Presented by Chris Hayward
California Institute of Technology

Monday, January 26, 2015
12:00 noon in 169-336

Since their discovery in the late 1990s, submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) have posed an interesting puzzle because their observed abundances and star formation rates have been difficult to reconcile with galaxy formation models. Based on insights from the local Universe and early observations, it was commonly thought that SMGs were late-stage merger-induced starbursts. However, both theoretical and observational works have since led to significant modifications to this picture, especially since the Atacama Large Millimeter Array has come online. I will discuss these recent developments and demonstrate that the SMG population is more heterogeneous than previously thought. Consequently, SMGs can be accounted for comfortably within the lambda CDM galaxy formation model.

JPL Contact: Jorge Pineda (4-3347)

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