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Optical and Mechanical Design for the ROSIE Integral Field Unit on the Magellan IMACS
Presented by Rosalie McGurk
Carnegie Observatory

Monday, November 4, 2019
12:00 noon in 169-336

We are designing an image slicer integral field unit (IFU) to go on the IMACS wide-field imaging spectrograph on the Magellan Baade Telescope at Las Campanas Observatory. This instrument will be called the Reformatting Optically-Sensitive IMACS Enhancing IFU, or ROSIE IFU. The 50"x54" field of view will be pre-sliced into four 13"x54" subfields, and then each subfield will be divided into 21 0.6"x54" slices. The four main image slicers will produce four pseudo-slits spaced six arcminutes apart across the IMACS f/2 camera field of view, providing a wavelength coverage of 1800 Angstroms at a spectral resolution of 2000. Optics are ordered, mounts are being designed and fabricated, and software is being written. This IFU will enable the efficient mapping of extended objects such as nebulae, galaxies, or outflows, making it a powerful addition to IMACS. I will elaborate on the science case of searching for close pairs of active black holes in merging galaxies.

JPL Contact: Jacqueline McCleary (3-4619)

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