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Facing and Tackling the Resource Challenges that Accompany Time Domain Science
Presented by Dara Norman
Deputy Associate Director, Community Science and Data Center, National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
11:00 A.M. in 169-336

The era of Time Domain science is upon us! With larger and larger surveys and multi-messenger science, there will be increasing demand for a variety of follow-up resources to advance TD research. But while that sounds straightforward to address, with limited resources, practical concerns need to be sorted out: How will these resources be allocated and who decides? What will the policies be around Target of Opportunity (ToO) interrupts; which science will get interrupted and is compensation required/practical/ethical? With multiple groups researching similar (or the same) questions with limited telescope resources, should there be an expectation that data will be shared, and if so, under what terms? How do we balance the ever growing demand for TD follow-up with the continuing demand for "static" observations?

While the need for TD follow-up is acknowledged in the community, the procedures, policies and plans to handle such follow-up are not being discussed broadly in the larger community between groups interested in TD science and researchers whose work does not depend critically on the timing of observational follow-up. Come discuss your thoughts and concerns as we tackle this under-appreciated, but critical, topic.

JPL Contact: Vanessa Bailey (4-2034)

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