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Astrophysics Colloquium

High Resolution Spectroscopy for Exoplanets
Presented by Giusi Micela
Italian National Institute for Astrophysics

Thursday, December 5, 2019
11:00 A.M. in 169-336

Exoplanet studies require the measurement of various parameters, each of which may need different observational techniques. While the radius measurement can be obtained from accurate photometric series, mainly from space, mass measurement requires very stable high-resolution spectroscopes. I will present the experience developed in Italy in measuring the mass of exoplanets with the radial velocity technique, mainly thanks to the use of HARPS-N at the National Galileo Telescope. I will discuss in particular the key elements that make this spectroscope particularly well-suited to radial velocity measures together with its limits. Finally, I will present the solutions adopted for the new generation instruments to mitigate some of the main limits of instrumental and astrophysical origin.

JPL Contact: Renyu Hu (4-6090)

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