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Planetary Science Seminar

Topological Analysis of Vortices and Time Series
Presented by James Cho
Queen Mary University of London

Thursday, June 21, 2018
3:00 P.M. in 183-328

In many areas of research and application, understanding topological (shape) properties of continuously deforming scalar, vector, and tensor data is extremely useful. Moreover, when information about persistence across different scales is incorporated, geometric and physical properties of structures in the data can be analyzed directly, rather than via statistical or spectral proxies, as in traditional modalities of analysis. Topological analysis can now be efficiently performed via computation, allowing spatially and temporally complex data to be studied practically. In this talk, applications of topological analysis to vortex (or storm) dynamics and time series are presented: for example, the global space-time dynamics of vorticity expulsion, disconnection, reconnection, and destruction associated with a vortex at high Reynolds number is discussed -- demonstrating the broad utility of the approach for studying realistic data, including those arising from high-resolution, multi-dimensional numerical simulations and satellite observations. Using the method to extract features, such as periodicity, in generic time series data is also discussed in this talk.

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JPL Contact: Heidar Thrastarson (4-0533)

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